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  • GutterBrush being installed with the help of a Ladder-Max standoff stabilizer to protect the rain gutters.
  • Easy installation of GutterBrush, with the help of a Ladder-Max standoff stabilizer.
  • Detail view of GutterBrush in the rain guttter.

Gutter Brush 120'

GB 5-120
29.00 LBS
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The GutterBrush is a simple "twisted in wire" brush, similar to a large heavy-duty bottle brush.  It is constructed from a galvanized steel core and double UV protected, durable, polypropylene bristles. The GutterBrush barrier blocks most leaves and other debris from entering your rain gutters while allowing water to flow unobstructed into and through your rain gutter downspouts. It's beyond simple to install and requires no upkeep. (See the video tab

This pack contains 120 linear feet for 5 inch gutters: 36 three foot sections and 8 eighteen inch sections.


DIY. Insert each section of GutterBrush end-to-end to fill the gutters and you're finished! No tools are required to install GutterBrush. You can do it yourself or get help from any home service contractor you may know: painter, handyman, roofer, gutter cleaner, landscaper, or even a friend or neighbor.

Fits most styles of 5" rain gutters. Works with all open-top residential and commercial gutter systems as well as mobile home gutters, pool cage gutters, and steel building gutters.

Affordable. Unlike gutter cover systems GutterBrush won’t require you to spend a bundle on product and labor to get the same results. Most homes are protected for under $400.




What is the GutterBrush Gutter Guard?
Imagine a large flexible bottle brush with stiff bristles. For a more technical description, the GutterBrush Gutter Guard is a cylinder shaped, twisted in wire, polypropylene brush with double UV protection. Available for Standard 5 Inch rain gutters. Center core of GutterBrush Gutter Guard is made of 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel. GutterBrush Gutter Guard is a simple, effective, and affordable way to get year round gutter protection.

How does the GutterBrush Gutter Guard work? 
When placed in a rain gutter or eavestrough, stiff GutterBrush Gutter Guard bristles fill the entire rain gutter or eavestroughs and provide year round gutter protection by preventing leaves and other debris from accumulating i­n the rain gutter or eavestroughs and impeding water flow. Water continues to flow freely into the rain gutter or eavestroughs, through the gutter guard and down the drain path.

Why do I need the GutterBrush Gutter Guard?
Rain gutter covers, screens, meshes, reverse curves, perforations, louvers, fine screens, slits, slots & combinations of the above have never done what the GutterBrush simple gutter guard can do: protect your rain gutter or eavestroughs and keep all the debris out of the rain gutter channel all year round. Once you install the GutterBrush Gutter Guard you will no longer have to deal with the danger and mess of cleaning the gutters yourself. You will also avoid the expenses and liabilities associated with having someone else clean your homes rain gutters. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard also eliminates clogged and overflowing rain gutter systems that contribute to rot and water damage of the existing rain gutter system, landscaping, walls, fascia boards and soffit, foundation, basement, and crawl spaces. Get your mind out of the gutter and put this tedious task to rest by installing the GutterBrush Gutter Guard today.

Will leaves and other debris get caught in the gutter guards bristles? 
If debris rests on your roof, the same may be the case with GutterBrush until the wind blows it off so don’t panic! Leaves and debris may be temporarily caught in the top of the gutter guard bristles, but with continual cycles of rain, sun and wind, combined with the high level of airflow through the GutterBrush Gutter Guard, most debris either dries out and blows away or self-composts and breaks down into small particles that wash down the rain gutter. Water will continue to flow through the gutter guard and your rain gutters or eavestroughs WILL NOT CLOG ! 

What about pine needles and maple seeds? Will these get caught in the gutter guard.
Although pine needles, maple seeds and other small debris may become caught in the top of GutterBrush Gutter Guard, they remain suspended in the gutter guard bristles where natural cycles of sun, rain, and abundant airflow help blow the debris from the gutter guard or promote rapid decomposition. Your rain gutters will remain protected and water will continue to flow through the gutter guard and your gutters or eavestroughs WILL NOT CLOG !

Don't all rain gutter protection systems offer similar features? Why is GutterBrush Gutter Guard the best?
All rain gutter protection systems are not the same. Most are expensive to purchase, have add-on options to improve performance that further increase the cost and require professional installation. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard is different. It comes in different lengths to accommodate different rain gutter configurations, has no expensive add-on features, and can either be installed by the homeowner who is comfortable climbing a ladder or a professional handyman of your choice. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard is the best rain gutter protection system on the market because it will not burden your rain gutters with extra weight, will prevent rain gutter clogging in heavy rainfall and snowfall and will also prevent entry to birds and animals. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard also uses NO screws into the rain gutter or into your home's roof. Best of all, the GutterBrush Gutter Guard does not compromise the integrity of any commercial or residential roofing system. GutterBrush Gutter Guard is THE RAIN GUTTER PROTECTION SYSTEM SOLUTION for every homeowner.

Can I just measure the length of my home’s rain gutters and order the length I need?
Yes. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard can be ordered in 30 ft, and 60 ft. increments.  Based on your total linear footage of gutter or eavestroughs, you can order a combination of these sizes to meet your needs. We recommend ordering an additional 6 to 10 feet over your measurement to accommodate different rain gutter configurations, bends and other slight product waste during installation.


How can the GutterBrush Gutter Guard be so effective and inexpensive at the same time?
The simple design and quality manufacturing allows the GutterBrush Gutter Guard to be installed quickly and hassle-free. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard system is the best solution because it is based on a simple premise that prevents your rain gutter from clogging and does not affect the capacity of the rain gutter to carry torrential rainfall runoff. There is no complicated assembly of the GutterBrush Gutter Guard system, no touching of roof material, no holes or fasteners are placed in or on your home’s roof, fascia or rain gutters, and it stays in your gutter year round. This means the GutterBrush can be purchased and installed for a small fraction of the cost of other, more complicated rain gutter protection devices. Plus, if the GutterBrush Gutter Guard ever requires maintenance, the system is easily and quickly removed and re-installed with no damage to your valuable home. The simple yet incredibly effective design of the GutterBrush Gutter Guard allows us to pass considerable savings along to you.

How do I know what size GutterBrush Gutter Guard I need? 
Measure your rain gutter opening from the back of the rain gutter to the front lip: 5 inch = Standard, 6 inch = Oversized 

When I install the GutterBrush Gutter Guard do my rain gutters and down spouts need to be replaced?

No. If your rain gutters and down spouts are in good condition the GutterBrush can be installed inside your existing rain gutters.

Do I need to cut the GutterBrush Gutter Guard for an exact fit? 
No! The GutterBrush Gutter Guard does not need to be cut. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard ships in two lengths, 3 foot and 18 inches. When you come to the end of your rain gutter, if a 3 foot section is too long, simply bend or fold the excess gutter guard brush back into itself to achieve the desired length. GutterBrush gutter guards can also be bent around corners for a customized fit without cutting.


Does GutterBrush Gutter Guard work in combination with any roof surface & rain gutter type? 
Yes! GutterBrush Gutter Guard is easily installed and will not interfere with roof surfaces such as Asphalt, Cedar Shake, Slate, Tile, Rubber or Metal. It also works in combination with any rain gutter type including: K-Style, 1/2 Round, Copper, PVC, Aluminum, Galvanized or Stainless Steel. * GutterBrush Gutter Guard may be slightly more visible when used in 1/2 Round style gutters, but performs very well.

Will I still need to clean my rain gutters or the GutterBrush Gutter Guard after installation? If so how do I clean them? 
Your rain gutters will remain clear and flowing after the installation of GutterBrush Gutter Guard. However, if you ever do need to address gutter debris or a trouble spot, cleaning your rain gutters becomes as easy as removing a section of the GutterBrush Gutter Guard and giving it a quick shake or a brush with your hand.

Will GutterBrush Gutter Guard have any impact on the problem of ice dams? 
Ice dams are typically the result of improper insulation resulting in a "warm roof." Snow melts o­n the roof and water trickles down near the rain gutter/eave area where it freezes again and builds up as a block of ice. GutterBrush Gutter Guard will have no effect o­n this process, but when the sun comes out, the black GutterBrush Gutter Guard bristles absorb heat and have been reported to promote rapid melting of any ice build up. GutterBrush Gutter Guard can be used to protect your rain gutters safely with gutter and roof heating cables.

Gutter covers are large and unsightly. Is the GutterBrush Gutter Guard visible from the ground and will the gutter guard take away from the look of my home?
Although we think our product is the best on the market, we also believe it best if you never see it working. The GutterBrush Gutter Guard is manufactured of the highest quality materials that contribute to its low-profile application that keeps your rain gutters clean while remaining almost undetectable from ground level. For example, in lower level gutters you may just see the tips of the Gutter Guard bristles and in rain gutters 10-12 feet off of the ground the Gutter Guard will not be visible.

What is covered under the GutterBrush Gutter Guard satisfaction guarantee and warranty?
GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard comes with a one year satisfaction guarantee and a 25 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Quite simply, if you are not satisfied with the product or its performance simply return it to us and we will refund your full retail purchase price minus shipping, handling and any installation costs.

GutterBrush is a simple "twisted in wire" brush, similar to a large heavy-duty bottle brush. The brush barrier blocks most leaves and other debris from entering your rain gutters while allowing water to flow unobstructed into and through your rain gutter downspouts. It's beyond simple to install and requires no upkeep.

GutterBrush is constructed from a galvanized steel core and double UV protected, durable, polypropylene bristles. This pack contains 60 linear feet for 5 inch gutters:19 three foot sections and 2 eighteen inch sections.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Just got these

    Posted by Carl

    I ordered a set of 120 feet of GutterBrushes and was able to install them this weekend. The first hitch I ran into was that FedEx delivered them to the wrong address, This was not Ladder-Max's fault, but the fault of a driver who didn't read the address. He delivered to 9303 instead of 9383

    I cleaned the leaves out of the gutters, then used a hose to get any residual dirt out and installed the brushes. They are rather slippery so I could only take them up one at a time, but they were very easy to install. My gutters are about 6 inches longer than the combination of brushes. For example, one gutter is 36 feet, 6 inches long so I put in 12 3-foot sections, leaving a 6 inch gap at the end. The wire in the center of the brushes is so strong, I don't have a tool that will cut them to shorter lengths. That's probably a good thing because it means the brushes are sturdy and won't fall apart easily.

    I'm very happy with the brushes so far. I'll write another review later to report on how well they keep leaves out of the gutters.

  2. BuckeyeGuy

    Posted by David Jevnikar

    It really all depends on how much and what you have falling if these are to work. I have two different houses in NE Ohio with them and even on different sides of each house the result is different. On ALL sides, there's the small stuff that doesn't blow off the brushes, settles into them instead and/or settles beneath the brushes themselves. In all cases, even where the brushes keep the big stuff out, there's crud that gets through and doesn't rinse out. In all instances the brushes need to be removed and the gutter rinsed of the crud. Some brushes are full of crap and some aren't. One thing that's positive is that if you clean the brushes in the fall, they do result in a "dry" gutter throughout the winter rather than one filled with ice and that's a positive because for the most part any water flows out and the black color helps absorb some heat and thus melt things.

    Overall, you may not make as many trips up the ladder - you can go longer than you normally would - but when you do, you will have a tougher job than you would expect. Whether the reduction in trips is therefore better than the trip(s) you would make otherwise or the trips you make with them depends again on the trees, silt, crap, and whether the brushes keep it out, capture it, or hide it under them in the bottom of the gutter. No question it keeps the leaves out but there's soooooooo much more than leaves falling into a gutter. They've certainly made me realize that!


    Posted by maddywash

    We've had these on our house for a year and they are everything promised. Installation was a breeze. Only problem we had was we choose a freezing cold day. Simply because we wanted to get them right up. Hubby was trying to make a big production out of the instal as he couldn't believe it could be that simple. It's been a year now and they work perfectly. I'd recommend them to anyone. How happy am I that my husband no longer has to get up on the ladder and do the gutters? VERY HAPPY.

  4. easier than cleaning guters

    Posted by M. Hnason

    works like claimed, easy to install. so far have had heavy rain and snow melt all with fall leaves coming down

  5. Great product!!

    Posted by Peter E. Hans

    We used to have to clean out our gutters multiple times per year and we still would occasionally get water in our basement. Since I installed Gutter Brush I have checked the gutters twice in a year and we have never gotten water in our basement again. This is a great product and it is easy to install.

  6. Best for the money...EASY to install

    Posted by Star

    Stop looking for gutter covers...maybe a little more expensive than the covers, but the ease of putting these in way make up for it.

  7. Works as advertised

    Posted by John Dugan

    Installed Gutterbrush over a year ago. Since that time I have not had to clean the gutters. Works as advertised.

  8. Great Product - especially for pine needles

    Posted by kennybeck

    I'm not sure what problem the other reviewer had with his pine needles, but the gutter brush was the answer to my 12 year gutter pine needle problems. My house is under a whole bunch of pine trees and no other solution I tried worked with them. So, I did a test with the gutter brush 13 months ago on half my gutters and have only had to clean the brushes out once so far - just yesterday. And even without cleaning it out, the rain still flowed through the brushes for good water flow even though the tops of the brushes were caked with pine needles. Yes, the pine needles have to be cleaned out of the brushes eventually, like the manufacturer's video says on their web site. But, not only is it extrememly easy to do that (just pull out the brushes, shake and then put them back in), but that's a heck of a lot better than the much more difficult job I previously had to do 4-5 times a year of cleaning out the completely stopped up gutters that interferred with rain flow. It's a great product that solved my gutter problems. I just ordered more gutter brushes to take care of the other half of my gutters.

  9. review for gutterbrush

    Posted by Sharon K. Cates

    I can install this myself and it is easy to clean. Well designed. It met my expectations. It was reasonably priced. I tried a problem area first and it worked. I was to keep a rain chain drain open. I would recommend this product.

  10. Five Stars

    Posted by Donald Peacher

    Very easy to install, the whole house took about an hour.

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